Sentinel opened for business on the 1st of October 2003, although the idea of Sentinel as a business had its inception many years earlier in the experiences and ideas of its founders. While working in traditional retail stockbroking businesses, Sentinel’s directors saw firsthand many of the common failings of traditional stockbroking. Above all, they observed that the stockmarket and the financial world itself was evolving quickly.

The traditional ways of providing stockbroking services were rapidly looking outdated and clients were increasingly demanding new products. However, surprisingly stockbroking businesses made little effort to change, or perhaps could not change due to the stubborn footings upon which they were based. These factors presented the opportunity for Sentinel to emerge and compete by delivering the new solutions for the modern world.

From the outset, Sentinel’s focus has been about re-engineering traditional stockbroking with the advantage of starting with a clean slate and building systems and services from the ground up. Sentinel’s history also reflects the culture and mindset of its founders.

As conservative but entrepreneurial individuals, Sentinel’s directors set out to create a business which was solid, well-resourced and able to withstand the volatile markets which they had experienced so closely over the years. Sentinel’s directors also placed enormous value on fairness, hard work and integrity. These attributes appear strongly in every aspect of the business. To reflect all of these experiences and ideas, the name ‘Sentinel’ was chosen, meaning a specialist guard or lookout charged with protection. Sentinel’s role is to protect, guide and grow your wealth and savings through the stockmarket and the name reminds us of these roots every day.