Active Portfolio Management

Sentinel provides an enterprising work environment where individuals are encouraged to take initiative, develop their skills and apply them to the utmost of their ability.

Owing to our expansionist outlook, positions become available from time to time for experienced individuals displaying a strong interest in the financial markets and who complement Sentinel's focus and direction.

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Sentinel Managed Portfolios provide a mechanism to invest in direct equities which is effective, compliant and aligned for all parties - clients, advisers and dealer groups.

The structured and centralised nature of the service allows the demands of all users to be satisfied in a controlled but flexible manner:

  • Clients can invest directly in the market where they otherwise wouldn't have the time or the expertise
  • Advisers can give their clients what they want (i.e. direct equity investments) without needing the specialisation, time, organisation and focus to manage it
  • Dealer Groups can give their financial advisers what they want (i.e. a direct equity investment platform) without loss of control, visibility and without creating unknown risk

Advantages for Referring Financial Advisers

The active management and high transparency allows clients to see that their account is actually being attended to and that they are receiving meaningful work/benefit for their cost (value for money). This assists in justifying the adviser's fees.

  • There is no investment workload for the adviser whatsoever
  • Advisers can see all activity on client accounts via a central login
  • Advisers can communicate directly with Sentinel’s investment managers, thereby having a closer understanding of investment activity (assisting with their own client queries) and can also direct individual client-specific investment actions. Sentinel is proactive in communication, providing regular practical updates and information
  • Advisers can be confident that defensive action will be taken in weak markets and positive action in strong markets. Similarly, Advisers can be confident in Sentinel's conservative style and strong focus on risk management
  • Subject to relevant authorisations, referral fees are paid and can be retained or rebated to the client

Solutions for Dealer Groups

  • Sentinel provides the Statement of Advice, thereby removing the advice risk and associated ongoing compliance off the dealer group (for example, PI cover in under Sentinel's policy)
  • Use of Sentinel’s Managed Portfolios allows easier adviser oversight/control as portfolios operate under centralised similar parameters/rules/risk management – so there is no poor or reckless investing by advisers because investment is outsourced to a specialist provider
  • Sentinel's Managed Portfolios offer an additional investment option/solution between do-it-yourself and managed funds for advisers to choose from (active management offering) within the dealer group's scope of products
  • Subject to relevant authorisations, there is scope for an additional revenue stream which is aligned to performance
  • Sentinel offers a very flexible solution that can be tailored to the dealer group's particular needs
  • The Managed Portfolios can be combined with Sentinel's broader general stockbroking services and reporting to provide an all-encompassing direct equities platform

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