Investment Management Outsource Solution

Sentinel's business model centres around resourcing the adviser so they can truly be seen by the client as their investment manager (and not seen as just passing the work out to external managers). This is important because it creates the following outcomes:

  • Ability to charge and justify an ongoing investment management fee – generate more revenue
  • More extensive client service offering suit – offer more services
  • Retention and ‘ring-fencing’ of clients from external competitors
  • Defence of own adviser fees in a cost-pressured environment

This all boils down to the one important value proposition - maximised adviser-client engagement.

Our Sentinel Select service simplifies and systemises the investment management process. This is achieved through four key ways:

  1. Adopting an investment philosophy which focuses on asset allocation and broad thematics rather than specific stock selection. These broad focuses are easily understood by both advisers and clients.
  2. Leveraging off modern self-managing investments such as Exchange Traded Funds which eliminate much of the traditional investment risk and workload.
  3. Centralising all investment directly onto the stockmarket, thereby gaining the inherent advantages of the stockmarket (liquidity, transparency, safety).
  4. Providing an easy to use technology which guides and manages the entire process. This includes a live, easy to understand, on-screen graphical presentation of the client’s investments.

About Sentinel

Sentinel are specialist stockmarket Investment Managers assisting everyone from first time investors to experienced professionals to protect savings and build wealth through all market conditions.

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Investment Technology

Simplify and Systemise your Investment Management process using Sentinel's popular flagship service, Sentinel Select.

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Research Services

Sentinel maintains its own internal specialist research division with a focus on long term conservative wealth management.

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