Professional Solutions Overview

Sentinel provides an array of specialist investment services to financial advisers, enabling them to deliver a complete investment management offering to their clients.

We deliver these services entirely via the stockmarket, which creates a range of significant savings and efficiencies for both advisers and their clients.

Sentinel tailors its services to suit each adviser’s specific needs, with a view to helping them to evolve their business efficiency, scalability and client satisfaction.

We assist a large range of financial advisers of different shapes and sizes and so have the luxury of seeing what is done well and what is done poorly. The services we provide are an optimisation of everything we have observed by maximising the effective operations and seeking to remove the mistakes commonly made.

About Sentinel

Sentinel are specialist stockmarket Investment Managers assisting everyone from first time investors to experienced professionals to protect savings and build wealth through all market conditions.

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Investment Technology

Simplify and Systemise your Investment Management process using Sentinel's popular flagship service, Sentinel Select.

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Research Services

Sentinel maintains its own internal specialist research division with a focus on long term conservative wealth management.

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Sentinel Stockbroking