Tailored or Fully Managed Portfolios

Sentinel supports each adviser’s investment management offering with as much or as little service as is desired. As part of this, we offer two distinct types of portfolios services:

Tailored Sentinel Select Portfolios

Our Sentinel Select service is unique in that it allows the adviser to collaboratively and visually design a portfolio to suit the individual preferences of their client, without damaging the scalability of their portfolio service (by creating 'outlier' portfolios).

This live, visual construction process strongly reinforces client-adviser engagement as the adviser is seen as the genuine investment manager and as accommodating the client's requests.

It also promotes compliance as the client is fully involved, informed and educated as part of the portfolio design process.

Fully Managed Sentinel Select Portfolios

We also offer our Sentinel Select service in a discretionary (MDA) form.

This offering is akin to an SMAs where Sentinel manages the client's portfolio on an ongoing basis – with the exception that all holdings are held directly by the client on the stockmarket (whereas SMA’s primarily utilise custodians).

The key advantage of this over the non-discretionary service is that it eliminates the need for ongoing advice from the advisers (ie no RoAs for ongoing investment changes).

However, it still retains a high element of transparency and visibility for the client as they see all holdings and receive contract notes for all transactions.

While the adviser does lose some of their value proposition as they are no longer the direct 'investment adviser' in the clients' eyes, the removal of RoA burden and the high portfolio transparency does make it attractive to many advisers and clients.

Notably we do not charge any additional fee above our tailored offering for our MDA management.

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Sentinel are specialist stockmarket Investment Managers assisting everyone from first time investors to experienced professionals to protect savings and build wealth through all market conditions.

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Sentinel maintains its own internal specialist research division with a focus on long term conservative wealth management.

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