Why Sentinel?

While many financial professionals may recognise that outsourcing their direct equity needs may be a good idea in theory, they also realise that it is difficult to achieve in practice for many reasons.

As a specialist outsource provider, Sentinel is highly conscious of the concerns and obstacles financial professionals face in referring clients to an external party and have gone to great lengths to ensure seamless, supportive and effective integration.


Sentinel has substantial resources at its disposal which can be flexibly and quickly deployed to handle any outsourcing needs at any size level.

Sentinel's focus on technology and innovation proves an enormous advantage when it comes to outsourcing as it ensures it has the core systems to meet any outsourcing needs. It also means that Sentinel’s services can integrate neatly into virtually any system currently being used by financial professionals by producing data feeds in any form.

Our team of highly qualified staff are importantly experienced in all manners of outsourcing activities and can be made available as required.

Integrity & Ethics

A common obstacle in referring valuable clients externally is a fear that either the client or the professional themselves will encounter some sort of unethical behaviour. This might include attempts to poach clients, gouge them for fees, push certain products or just deliver a poor experience which then reflects poorly on the referring professional. Sentinel is highly mindful of these sensitive concerns and our business model reflects inbuilt protection.


As an independent business, Sentinel has no external pressures to promote products which aren’t the most appropriate for the client.


Sentinel’s fee structures are designed to be transparent so clients and referrers alike know exactly where they stand.

Client Ownership

Sentinel's entire business is dependent on referrals so enormous care is taken in protecting the ownership of clients. A single instance of poaching would spread quickly through the industry and destroy our business. Clients strictly belong to the business that referred them to Sentinel. Importantly, Sentinel offers no services other than stockbroking so there is no grounds upon which we would need to poach clients.

Client Experience

It is our understanding that communication with a client is a direct reflection on the referring professional. Sentinel’s team do their utmost to ensure that this reflection is of a positive nature.

Practical Integration

Having completed and experienced a wide variety of outsourcing activities for a large number of different businesses, Sentinel has developed systems to ensure a streamlined integration across all levels of outsourcing.

Our goal is not only to make life easier post integration but importantly to make life as easy as possible during the outsourcing transition. This includes important factors such as careful client communications and minimisation of paperwork during the transition process. It also includes data feeds to match current system requirements.

We understand that any transition is a risk factor to your client relationship and so go to every effort possible to ensure it is not jeopardised.

Confidence in a Better Outcome

Everything about outsourcing comes back to two key factors - confidence & trust. Confidence in capabilities and trust in integrity – these factors are crucial but ultimately there must be confidence in the referral ultimately being good for the client. Sentinel understands this implicitly and so its overriding objective at all times is to ensure a referral to Sentinel means a better outcome for each client should they have had the same service been delivered in house.

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Sentinel are specialist stockmarket Investment Managers assisting everyone from first time investors to experienced professionals to protect savings and build wealth through all market conditions.

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Sentinel has recently completed a detailed research report on ASX listed Aspire Mining Ltd (AKM).

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