Why Sentinel

There are four cornerstones to Sentinel's investment services:

ProtectionProtection Logo

Sentinel's first and foremost priority is the management of investment risk. That is, to protect client wealth and savings.

Accessing returns associated with the stockmarket comes with unavoidable volatility and risk - that's a fact of life. Therefore the key to successful investment is the effective management of these risks.

Sentinel's elite risk management capabilities give the best possible chance of investment success, whatever the market conditions.

PropulsionProtection Logo

Investments are made to generate returns. Sentinel's role is to power your investments forward and maximise every opportunity from the prevailing market conditions.

This involves many skills including careful risk management, the use of different products and tools and the deployment of appropriate strategies to suit the circumstances.

Sentinel's knowledge, experience and infrastructure is available as your engine room.

Progression Progression Logo

It is crucial to appreciate that the market is constantly evolving with new products, technology and trends.

Sentinel implicitly recognises this feature of the market and embraces change as opportunity. It is our role to stay at the forefront of market evolution so that our clients can ride the wave of change, whichever direction it takes.

ProportionProportion Logo

Balance in the stockmarket is vital for investment success, especially given the fact that market conditions are perpetually changing.

Sentinel assists with all aspects of investing, from stock selection to risk management, gaining clients proper proportions and ongoing alignment to achieve optimum performance.