Licensing & Compliance

Sentinel is a licensed stockbroker of the Australian Securities Exchange Ltd (ASX) and the holder of an Australian Financial Services License. These two authorisations bring great credibility and entail great responsibility, both of which help provide assurance that Sentinel is operating to the highest of standards.

As a licensed Market Participant of the ASX, Sentinel is governed by the Market Integrity Rules, a specialised set of laws designed specifically for stockbrokers. This means that our business operations are subject to significantly greater regulation and scrutiny than typical financial service businesses. For example, all licensed stockbrokers such as Sentinel must maintain a substantial security bond with the ASX as well as submit its accounts monthly for regulator review. Penalties for breaches are severe and there is no allowance for error, all further ensuring client protection.

In holding its own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL), Sentinel achieves independence and the flexibility to tailor and focus its operations by design. As with ASX accreditation, holding an AFSL comes with great regulatory obligations. Sentinel is subject to the Corporations Law as monitored and enforced by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and must comply with numerous requirements including annual audit and ongoing review.

All of Sentinel’s Licensing and Compliance is designed to do one thing – provide our clients with the knowledge and peace of mind that our business is operated in a fair, robust and secure manner. Those requirements are also aligned to our own interests and so we embrace compliance within our culture.