Privately Owned & Operated

Sentinel is proudly privately owned and operated. This is significant for two key reasons.

Firstly it ensures that our operations are free from the conflicts of interest and the external influences that commonly arise from having large parent companies or alliances. Our recommendations are solely based on what is best for our clients. In the modern global world, the value of this independence cannot be understated.

Secondly, our private ownership ensures accountability and care. The success of our business depends on the satisfaction of our clients. This is in turn dependent on many things including the quality of our service and performance of our investments. This alignment drives us to deliver the highest possible result, not just now but continuously throughout our relationships with our clients.

About Sentinel

Sentinel are specialist stockbrokers and investment managers assisting everyone from first time investors to experienced professionals to protect savings and build wealth through all market conditions.

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Complimentary Review

Sentinel are pleased to offer a complimentary review of your existing holdings. Please click here to find out more.

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