Systems & Infrastructure

In order to provide the highest level of operational service and efficiency, while at the same time maintaining strict focus, Sentinel employs a two-pronged strategy in regards to its systems and infrastructure.

The first is that all systems must be 'bullet-proof' meaning that only the highest quality hardware, software and external providers are used. Sentinel's business operates as a finely tuned machine so there is no room for breakdowns, failures or errors. For this reason, Sentinel only uses the top end components to form its infrastructure.

The second part of Sentinel's strategy is a recognition that stockbroking is specialised and so traditional systems require tailoring. So while only top line core components are used, these must be customised to suit the specific needs of our business. For this reason, Sentinel invests a vast amount of time and resources customising its systems and infrastructure to specifically suit its unique needs. An analogy would be to say that we only use 'Rolls Royce' engines and then build our own specialist vehicles from this base. The outcome is enormous control, efficiency and accuracy that others cannot achieve.

About Sentinel

Sentinel are specialist stockmarket Investment Managers assisting everyone from first time investors to experienced professionals to protect savings and build wealth through all market conditions.

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Investment Technology

Simplify and Systemise your Investment Management process using Sentinel's popular flagship service, Sentinel Select.

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Research Services

Sentinel maintains its own internal specialist research division with a focus on long term conservative wealth management.

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Sentinel Stockbroking