Our Model

Clear philosophy. Timely actions. Secure investments.

How we stand the test of time.

Our investment approach provides the structure you need to withstand the test of all market conditions. It is based on the following pillars:

Sentinel invests directly in your name (or your entity) via the stockmarket.

The transparency of our model means that you know exactly what is invested and its value at all times.

Equally, by focusing on the largest companies, our investments have the best potential for long term growth, while at the same time being able to withstand unexpected shocks.

Sentinel spreads your investments across many investable areas, so all your eggs are not in one basket. In times of volatility when it's difficult to gauge which investments will succeed, diversification ensures a counter-balance of growth and defence.

We help you access all major asset classes (Australian Equities, International Equities, Property & Infrastructure, Fixed & Floating Income, Cash and Alternatives) and use a range of investments to gain exposure to each of these asset classes.

Liquidity refers to the ability to enter, exit or adjust a holding quickly and easily if required.

Sentinel deliberately only invests via the stock market which is highly liquid and extremely transparent. This decision is based on the underlying strengths and efficiencies of the stock market itself enabling our Investment Management to remain agile, alert and secure in all conditions.

Importantly, Sentinel also utilises listed Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs) which provide an additional layer of protection via their dynamic 'rules-based' investment selection mechanisms which quickly identify and replace under-performing investments.

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