Research and Advice

Smart humans crunching the numbers every day, so you get better guidance.

Research engine with a clear and defined methodical process, free from conflicts of interest:

  • Stock market listed investments only
  • Long-term outlook with focus on security
  • Proven and effective methodology
  • Fully agnostic with investments and product providers

'Active' management adds clear value when deployed correctly:

  • Complete Asset Allocation – the key driver of returns
  • Diversification is vital
  • 'Grouped' investments provide powerful investment exposure
  • Managing investment costs enhances long term returns

Proprietary research and analysis for portfolio modelling and construction:

  • Templates, models and tailored portfolios
  • Detailed and practical economic analysis
  • Supporting data, analysis and research
  • Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) offering

On-going support via communications and educational resources:

  • Newsletters and investment communications
  • Investment committee functions (asset allocation and approved products)
  • Education and training
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