Our Pricing

Simple. Transparent. Affordable.

Our flagship Investment Solution – collectively known as "Sentinel Select" – is deliberately designed to be Simple, Transparent and Affordable for investors of all types.

Sentinel Select’s pricing structure is comprised of:

Monthly Subscription Fee

Which includes access to our complete investment suite:

  • Sentinel Select / Sentinel Select MDA
  • Investment Advice & Research
  • Investment Management
  • Reporting & Administration
  • Our Technology

Maximum of $80 per month
(Retail Super incurs additional external platform charges)

Transaction Fee

We believe in a 'user pays' brokerage model where you only pay when you transact on your investments.

0.33% of Transaction Value
(minimum $66)

There are no 'lock ins' or fixed contracts.
We believe our customer loyalty is based upon receiving value for money.

For a detailed overview of all of Sentinel's services, please download our Financial Services Guide (FSG).

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